Ref: 20035090


They are formulated based on Vegetable Butters. They are presented in a circular shape, rounded by the edges for easy application.
They allow a delicate and stimulating massage and leave the skin soft, hydrated and slightly perfumed.

• Roses: regenerant
• Vanilla: nutritious
• Lavender: relaxing
• Passion fruit: emollient

Massage the massage bomb gently on the skin. You will see that when you contact the heat of the skin, it will undo and create a light film of product.
For a better absorption of the product, later massage the area with your hand.

Active principles:
The Beauty Image massage chocolates, are of vegetable origin, do not contain paraffins, waxes of mineral origin or fats or animal proteins.
All of them carry vegetable butters of palm and cocoa, and in addition:

• Roses: oils of rosehip, aloe vera and cotton.
• Vanilla: vanilla oils, cocoa.
• Lavender: oils of lavender, chamomile and calendula.
• Passion fruit: shea butter, sweet almond and avocado oils.

Boxes of 12 varied units: Roses, Lavender, Vanilla and Passion Fruit.

12 units x 25g.