Ref: 20039060


In this line, the sweet notes of the strawberries are mixed with the light acidity of the champagne: an irresistibly appetizing combination with a fragrance that attracts from the first moment.

With an innovative formulation that makes it extremely creamy and free of parabens.
Format in jar of 100g. It is thought for use in a single client. It is accompanied by a wooden spatula and a disposable black thong to open the box in front of the customer and make hair removal, thus ensuring the individual use of this wax and the components that accompany it.

Exclusive microwave heating. Wax ready in 1 minute !!

It is applied in thin layers (1.5mm) reducing the wax expense up to 50%.

Active ingredients: Champagne Extract and Strawberry Extract: emollient and softener.

Dry and sensitive skin: Perfect for maximum skin care, respecting even the most sensitive skin and areas.

Facial and corporal: Perfect for a maximum care of the skin respecting the most sensitive areas such as bikini, armpits or facial.

Slightly perfumed

Effective in very short hair, less than 2mm.