Ref: 20011020


Third generation waxes. Has been specially formulated to provide a delicate, deep and effective hair removal experience for all skins.
This formulation combines both soft wax and hard wax advantages: it melts at low temperature and it is applied in very thin layers and remove very gently without strips. They are disposable.
Its composition enriched with Beeswax, Oils and Perfumes, provides a moisturizing and smoothing effect, which turns it more agreable even for the client and for the professional.
Leaves the skin moisturized and without wax remains.
ultra flexible texture: not brittle.
Allows to make strips longer and very thin (1mm): reducing the wax amount up to 50%.
Up to 4 weeks depilated.
Effective in very short hair, less than 2mm.
Active ingredients: Beeswax and Cotton oil.
Ideal for sensitive areas and skins.
Also available in 400 and 800ml cans.
Without perfume.