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Steaming is an excellent technique that helps us to keep our skin free of pollutants, to which we are exposed daily. It works by opening the pore and removing impurities; it is also a technique that helps us to keep the skin always hydrated. It is used to facilitate the removal of blackheads and impurities.

Ozone-based treatments purify and oxygenate the skin, not only of the face but also of the body.

The steam has the following benefits:
It opens the pores, facilitating the removal of blackheads, pimples, traces of makeup and impurities.
Purifies and hydrates the epidermis.
Relaxes the muscles, feeling of well-being.
Stimulates glandular function, helping the elimination of toxins.
Promotes blood circulation and clears the nasal passages.

In addition, ozone vapor has two important effects:
It increases tissue oxygenation and at the cellular level.
Bactericidal and germicidal effect; it helps to eliminate bacteria and purify the skin in depth.